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Blendtec Easy 3 Payment Plan!

Instant Gratification - Delayed Payments
This is an incredible way to purchase your Blendtec blender. The Blendtec online checkout process gives you the option to pay in full or pay in 3 payments (no credit check!).

The way it works is you pay 50% + a $15 service charge initially at checkout and then they finance the remaining 50% over 2 payments for 2 months.

They deliver your blender immediately and you pay the remaining 2 payments over the next 2 months.

Cart Checkout Example

This is a sample of the shopping cart checkout screen. Note the choice to Pay in Full or utilize the Payment Plan.
Click the info icon on the Blendtec checkout screen to read the payment plan terms and conditions.

Be sure that my affiliate number (274946) shows in the cart checkout screen, if you do not see it call Blendtec at 800-253-6383 from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm (MST) M-F. You may also call or email me.

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