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Vitamix Free Shipping!
$25-$35 Value!

By ordering from this affiliate site you are entitled to free shipping! This is a $25-$35 value.

Follow the links within this site to Vitamix or if you call them mention my affiliate number (06-005325) to qualify.

The Free Shipping offer is good on both the 3 payment plan and when you pay in full.

Easy 3 Payment Plan!

Instant Gratification - Delayed Payments
This is an incredible way to purchase your Vitamix blender. To qualify for the 3 payment plan (no credit check!) all you have to do is call Vitamix at (800)-848-2649 M-F 8am - 10pm, Sat 9am - 8pm, Sun 12pm - 5pm (EST).

The way it works is this, you pay 50% + a $15 service charge initially at checkout and then they finance the remaining 50% over 2 payments for 2 months. They deliver your blender immediately and you pay the balance later!

Payment Form Example

When you call be sure and give them my affiliate number (06-005325) to qualify for free shipping.

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