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Vegan Autumn and Winter Raw + Cooked Recipes

Raw fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, seeds, nuts, and legumes. What a wonderful way to feed your family! A season of gratitude and beautiful, harmless, guilt free food.

New! Vegan Autumn and Winter Recipes
Raw + Cooked Heirloom Family Favorites

That (Yam and Shiitake Soup) soup is so yummy and grounding!   I could eat this soup for breakfast lunch or dinner.   I loved reading the recipes and comments in the book.   I could hear your deep, rich, calm voice as I read.   I see a book in your future!   It is so nice to have the recipes of the meals you and the tribe cooked for us.   It keeps the love and the connection alive.    ~ e.f. testimonial

A vegan recipe book to treasure for years and seasons to come. Main dishes, salads, beverages, and desserts.

37 delicious vegan versions of your all time favorites such as golden mushroom gravy, ginger, cranberry, orange sauce, chestnut butter, brownies and a cobbler, and even a cranberry nog! There is a raw + cooked lasagna and Krishna cornbread (blue corn!) and delicious soups to keep you warm this winter.

This compilation of recipes will help you create a bountiful meal that even meat eaters will love!

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Vegan Winter Recipes
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Tara was our chef for the 2011 Shakti Tribe Idyllwild Weekend Retreat. All of the meals were vegan, delicious, healthy and prepared with love and care.

I think the weekend favorites for the group overall were the nurturing soup prepared with squash and a tasty vegan sausage and the yummy "cheesy" vegetable lasagna.

The meals were well balanced, healthy, tasty and filling.

Tara was great to work with both before and during the retreat. I highly recommend her as both a chef and teacher.    ~ l.w.

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